Friday, June 15, 2012

Illamasqua Nomad

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Hello, Dearies. I fell in love with Illamasqua Nomad the moment I saw it. It is a vivid green, that has an almost candy appearance to it. But this polish is more than just looks. It was an absolute dream to apply. It looked decent with one coat, but perfect with two coats. It was smoother and more even than most of the polishes I own.

I could have worn Nomad by itself, but I have been trying to show some simple nail art recently and it is just about strawberry season in New York, so I thought that these stickers would be the perfect touch on this candy color. These stickers applied smoothly to the nail, but the full nail sticker freaked out and wrinkled when I applied a fast drying topcoat. I have since experimented with the stickers using Gelous instead of the fast drying topcoat and the wrinkling did not occur. Next time I use the full size stickers, no fast drying topcoat; lesson learned.

I removed the polish after six days of wear. The manicure looks pretty bad, but I spent a lot of time pulling weeds while wearing the manicure. Wearing gardening gloves does not protect nail polish all that well, in my experience. To be honest, even if this really bad chipping had not been in part due to my being really hard on my nails, I would still love and be willing to wear this polish often. It was so incredibly easy to apply that it was a joy!

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So, what do you think of Nomad? Did the stickers work with this manicure?


Five of my favorite things over the past week:

1. Lemon Eating Contest:  My nephew's birthday party was this past weekend and a lemon eating contest could be the very best kids' party game ever . . . at least for the adult audience. The kids make hilarious face, but keep eating. Lemon doesn't stain. Kids sometimes don't have the best breath, but lemon helps to freshen their breath. Awesome!
2. Preschool Graduation:  My little girl's preschool graduation was this week. And while I tend to be a bit of a pragmatist and find it a little silly to make a big deal out of such things (kind of like placing your flag triumphantly after climbing the first 1,000 feet of Mount Everest), the look of pride on my daughter's face told me that it wasn't just a silly ceremony.
3. Chicken Fajitas:  My husband grilled the most delicious chicken fajitas for dinner this week. Cooking outdoors kept the kitchen cooler on a warm day and grilling means that my husband did most of the work. Really good with a lemon garlic marinade and he said it was simple too.
4. Finding the last bottle of polish at Sally's:  I went into Sally's with my list of must-haves. Number 1 on that list was China Glaze Surfin' for Boys. I rushed over to the China Glaze Neons display and looked under several bottles feeling sure that none of them were the right color. It was not there. However, there was just what I wanted in the storeroom, so yay!
5. Stepping out of my comfort zone:  I am a little bit shy. It's not a debilitating shyness, but I am most at ease with my closest friends. When I talk with or spend time with people I don't know well, I am always afraid that I will just sit there with nothing to say and no way to easily leave the situation, that everyone will feel the awkwardness. My husband convinced me to go over and hang out with our neighbors last weekend and I was apprehensive, but I went over. I knew they were nice people already, but I had such a good time and got to meet a couple of their friends and play a silly board game. Good times.

Have a fabulous weekend! And wish all the wonderful dads an extra Happy Father's Day!