Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nfu Oh 51 over Revlon Royal

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Hello, darling readers! Can I just tell you how thrilled I was with this manicure. I am also thrilled with how well the picture above showed off Nfu Oh 51. Greens and turquoise, red, copper, and gold! I love that polish; it is something beyond pretty. I wanted to layer the polish over a bold color and Revlon Royal seemed the perfect choice. It gave the purple of Nfu Oh 51 a depth, turning it almost indigo and allowed all of those irridescent flakies and shimmery bits to really pop.

In most direct lights, Nfu Oh 51 flashes just reds, pinks, and somtimes copper as you can see in the two pictures above.

Both polishes applied well. Revlon Royal required three coats for best coverage. I added one coat of Nfu Oh 51 and all of the little flakies spread evenly without me having to fiddle around with it. I topped everything with a fast-drying topcoat and the result was smooth and shiny.

This after picture is a bit of a deception. I actually had a couple of severe chips by day four, but I couldn't bring myself to remove the polish yet, so I tried out a new way of patching chipped nail polish that worked quite well. I will tell you all about that in my next post. But, by six days in, my nails looked beat! It was lovely while it lasted and definitely a look that I would like to repeat in the future.

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The Nail Files

What do you think of this nail polish combination? What is your favorite layered polish combination?


1. Twice the fireworks:  I know that lots of folks do the "tour" of fireworks, going to fireworks displays each night of the week for Independence Day, but I never did that. However, one of my husband's good friends lives by a golf course that had fireworks on the 3rd, and he invited us over. It was so much fun and our daughter had a blast running around on the golf course. We walked over to the fireworks in our village on the 4th too. Fun!
2. I ran the 10K race:  It was a very hot, humid 4th of July morning, but I ran and ran and shuffled all 6.22 miles. Many of the wonderful people who lived along the race route were out cheering us on and some of them even put there sprinklers right by the road for a much needed cool misting.
3. I started my new job:  I know, I mentioned getting the job several weeks ago, but it was just my first day. I had to do a lot of reading and have even more reading to do. Next week the real fun begins, learning all the procedures for the study on which I'll be working.

4. Haul!!:  Yeah, I went a little crazy for grey polish. I am having a bit of a crush on grey nail polish, so cut me some slack. I got Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, Pure Ice Beware, China Glaze Elephant Walk, and these last two I'm really happy about. They are part of the Orly Dark Shadows collection and I got them on clearance. It is Mysterious Curse and Buried Alive.
5. Old friends:  One of my very dearest friends is visiting town. She lives much too far away and I really wish that Star Trek's transporter technology existed so that I could see her all the time.