Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I got polish in the mail today!

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The weather today is grey and cold, but it is a beautiful day. I got my Julep April Mystery box and my order from First, Julep: In my mystery box, I found a nail file, a couple of candies, a bottle of fast drying top coat, a bottle of cuticle oil (which smells lovely with lavender and feminine ylang ylang) and three bottles of nail polish. Gayle is a lovely dark purple; I like it a lot, but I have so many purples that I think this will be a gift for one of my best girlfriends. Kelly is a light pink creme polish. I received Kelly as part of my Julep Maven intro box, so it will be another gift . . . my friends are so lucky today! The highlight of the polishes was Melissa. I've been wanting that color so now I can take it off my nail polish lust list. It is an irridescent creamy colored polish with a sheen of blue-green and pink.

Now onto my order from The company supplies Nfu Oh polishes. I stalked the website, waiting for Nfu Oh 61 to come back in stock. If you've been yearning for that polish, it is available right now, but tends to sell out quickly. I also bought a bottle of the ever popular Nfu Oh 51. I like how the colors of 51 were captured in the above photos, but the amazing holo effect of 61 did not really show up in these pictures . . . like I said, it's pretty grey here today though, so when the sun is out, I'm sure that the holographic effect will flash like crazy. I think that these have to be the prettiest nail polish bottles I have ever seen. I just want to put them on display.

Did anyone else get the Julep mystery box? What was in your package? Or is everyone rushing over to fabuloustreet to get a great holographic polish?