Thursday, April 12, 2012

Riveting to see The Hunger Games

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I wore China Glaze Riveting from the Hunger Games collection last week and I have fallen completely in love. I knew that I loved the polish color, but no lie, it was the best applying polish I have used for as long as I can remember. Even with only one coat of polish, my nails were completely coated with no streakiness whatsoever. I did use two coats of polish though.

I would stare at my nails endlessly and got a couple of compliments on the color. This polish had amazing staying power. After four days, I had one tiny chip on my left middle finger and the tiniest bit of tip wear. I considered wearing the polish for several more days, just because it still looked so good. Then disaster struck. I got a crack in my right thumb and bent my right middle fingernail so that it was really weak. I needed to add patches to both nails. Since I was removing polish from both of those nails, I just removed the polish from all the nails. 

I was taken with how much this polish looked like flame and since once again the weather was cool, I built a couple of fires. You can see the gold flecks in the polish are the color of flame while the orange is like the bright burning embers. I love it so much and want to put it back on my fingers very soon.

Now, the movie . . . it was good. My husband said that they could have done without so much "shaky cam," but I tend not to notice that kind of thing. I do think that the story was told better in the book, but I know that every last detail of the book can not be put into a film. I think that the essence of the book was captured well in the movie. I was very happy with the casting with the minor exception of Woody Harrelson as Haymitch. He was good, but he wasn't what I had in mind. I wouldn't mind seeing the movie again, but I am a serial movie spectator, so that's no surprise.

What do you think of Riveting? What are some other polishes that have amazing resiliency? Did you see or read "The Hunger Games?" What did you think?

Next week, I'll be showing off my new Nfu Oh 61 with Julep Renee and some stamped nail art. Until next time, take care.