Monday, April 30, 2012

Revitalizing a fading manicure with Fantasy Fire

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I wore Illamasqua Load with a matte finish and stamped with Revlon Buttercup last week. The polish held up surprisingly well, but started to look a little dull after four days. To liven up my manicure, I painted it with Max Factor Fantasy Fire. I am very thankful to darling Jaime-Lee of Jai Geeks Out for sending me this beautiful polish. Check out her blog. It is a really fun read.

I was hoping that a little of the stamped art on my original manicure would show through Fantasy Fire and as you can see, it did. I wanted to do a paler layer of fantasy fire so that the stamping would show better, but needed three layers of Fantasy Fire to get even coverage.

It is a stunning polish, a sheer purple with shimmer that shines red in most light, but in low light, the shimmer takes on a turquoise green shine.

What do you think of Fantasy Fire on top of Illamasqua Load? What layering combinations do you like for sheer polishes?

I am comparing topcoats over Fantasy Fire and will tell you a bit about that comparison later this week. Until then, why don't you check out the BlogLoveTherapy blog hop?


Take care.