Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Candy Nails

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This was my designated Easter manicure. I envisioned this as a stripey candy image with little dots that symbolize Easter eggs hidden among the other dots. The problem with this manicure for me, was the green I used for the base color. I used Revlon Minted, which is a lovely color with a somewhat streaky application. Ignoring the streaky application, the problem was that I should have used a different shade of green polish. This was the color inspiration for the manicure.

Looking at the green of this palette, I realized that I should have used a bold, bright green, like Sinful Colors Irish Green. The other colors that I used for the manicure worked fine (China Glaze For Audrey, Sinful Colors Cloud 9, Sinful Colors Unicorn, and Revlon Russet Flicker). I will try the color combination again using Irish Green at some point because I think it would be a really fun manicure.

We decorated eggs this week. Glitter eggs are a mess. They look cool, but I think that I'll only use glitter for fingernails from now on. It was also a bit chilly this week, so I had to build a couple of fires. Here's how the Easter Candy nails fared after six days and some rough work.

The first minor chipping of my nails began about 4 days into the manicure, so for me, that's very good. By day 6, there were a couple of large chips, but overall, the manicure held up very well. I am pleased with Minted's staying power.

On my nails now, after a unanimous poll decision, is China Glaze Riveting from the Hunger Games collection. I plan to see the movie this weekend. I'm probably the last one to read the trilogy, but finished the first book in two days at the end of last month and the second in two days at the beginning of this month. Now, I am very impatiently waiting to borrow the third book. I have to wait until May to borrow it!! This will be a very long month, because I have trouble putting a story down until it is completely over. It feels like I inhabit the story and the emotions of the characters until I finally can release them by hearing their entire story. Does that make sense?

Despite the knots in my stomach, waiting to read the final installment, I am very pleased with the beautiful polish inspired by the books. I keep staring at my nails and I can't wait to show the manicure off to you next week. Until then, take care.