Sunday, April 1, 2012

Longer, More Voluminous Lashes?

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UPDATE: here
There was a post on Antique-Purple recently about building the health of eyelashes in order to get longer, more voluminous lashes. She suggests using extra virgin olive oil daily on your lashes, applied with either a mascara brush or a cotton ball.

I know that eyelash length is determined primarily by genetics, but I use conditioner on my hair to moisturize it, protecting it from breakage. It makes sense that if you moisturize your lashes, you protect them from breakage too and they might grow a little bit longer. While Antique-Purple recommends using extra virgin olive oil, I think that coconut oil could be just as effective. I already use coconut oil on my hair as part of my beauty regimen and the hair on my head is happier with the addition of coconut oil.

Both olive oil and coconut oil contain vitamin E, but coconut oil is made up of significantly more saturated fat than olive oil, which is why it is solid at room temperature, but it melts very quickly in the palm of your hand. Both oils coat hair and help to seal in moisture.

I will be using coconut oil on my left eyelashes and extra virgin olive oil on my right eyelashes . . .  Looking at these close-up pictures, I'm hoping that those wrinkles might see some improvement, but I'm not expecting it. I used my fat calipers to measure eyelash lengths. My left eyelashes are 6 mm at their longest and my right eyelashes are 8 mm. A followup post will be coming after 3 months of consistent treatments. Wish me luck!

Do you think this will work? Have you heard of any other tips or tricks that work?