Saturday, January 19, 2013

Longer, More Voluminous Eyelashes: Follow-Up

Pin It I am joining the Friendly Friday Blog Hop this week. I meant to do a followup post back in July, so I feel terrible that it took me so long, especially since people have checked back for the followup from this original post. I was testing to see if using extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil on my eyelashes might help them to grow.

I have continued to use both oils since the original post, not for eyelash growth, but as makeup remover and not quite everyday. So, here are the before and after photos.

Before:  Right eye (6 mm)

This was quite unexpected. After dabbing extra virgin olive oil on my lashes and using it as a makeup remover, the lashes measured 1 mm longer (this may not be a completely accurate measurement; they look about the same length), but I looked at the before and after pictures together and was surprised by how different the skin around my eye looks. My lashes may not have grown to unbelievable lengths, but my eye wrinkles seem to have made improvements after the extra virgin olive oil. I joked about the oil helping my wrinkles in the original post, but I didn't really expect to see any difference on that front.

Before:  Left eye (8 mm)

After coconut oil:  Left eye (8 mm)

The left eyelashes were treated with virgin coconut oil. Once again, there was no real change in the eyelash length, but you can see that the skin around this eye looks a lot smoother than it did more than 9 months ago.

And I know that this may just seem like a trick of the picture, but I had taken different pictures first that showed an even more pronounced difference between the before and after eyes. I didn't believe the pictures, so I took new pictures in the exact same place as I took the "before" pictures.

I can't tell if one seems to look more improved wrinkles-wise than the other. Can you? Well, no matter. I plan to keep using extra virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil on my eyes, not for eyelash lengthening, but for wrinkle decreasing. I guess that I should invest in a great mascara and some false lashes though, because it seems like that's the only way I'm going to have lashes for fluttering.

Thanks for looking deeply into my eyes today. :)