Monday, January 21, 2013

BBHQ: How do you photograph for your blog?

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This was the December task for the Beauty Blogger Headquarters, but it has overflowed into January. I take all my blog pictures using my Canon PowerShot S3 IS 6MP Digital camera. My husband and I bought it before our daughter was born, knowing that we would want to take tons of pictures. . . And we have. It actually works very well for my manicure pictures too, with a good macro setting. It took me a while to figure out the best way to light my photos, but over the past couple of months I think I worked that out.

Old lighting by a bright window
I used to do my photos outside or by a window on bright days, but once the days got greyer in the fall, a new lighting solution was needed. I now use a flourescent grow light over a homemade lightbox to illuminate my pictures.

Lightbox lighting
I like a blank white background for my pictures. It helps me with color correction to use a neutral colored background. My photographing setup is very bare bones, just a corner where I can stick my hand and snap a few pics.

My advice for a beginner looking to get better pictures is to figure out your camera's macro setting, take pictures in bright lighting, and take pictures that need minimal editing after the fact . . . What I mean by taking pictures that need minimal editing is to take photos in a place where the lights don't change the color of the item you're photographing. I have one very bright light in my house that shows of glitter really well, but completely distorts the colors. I spend so much time trying to make photos taken under that light look right and they always are a little bit off.

halogen light for sparkle, but bad color

I would love a new, fancy lightbox. I don't need one, but it would be a nice little upgrade. :)

Macro to show off manicure detail
I am not an expert photographer, but I think that I can show off my polishes pretty well. What are your photography tips and tricks?

Take care.