Friday, January 25, 2013

White Owl Lacquers Kittens and Teacups

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Quick post today. But lots of pictures. I wore this skittlette for a couple of days and then traded out the index fingers and middle fingers for different colors just for a bit of a change.

This manicure was meant to show off my newest polish acquisition, White Owl Lacquers Kittens & Teacups. On my index finger you can see a milky white polish with bits of square black glitter and metallic pink glitter.

I couldn't wait to wear the polish, so the glitter was a little bit settled on the side of the polish from shipping. It is definitely a polish that benefits from being stored upside down. If I had waited for the glitter to distribute in the bottle better, there would be more glitter on my nail. I liked it even with a little less glitter, but it will be even more lovely with more glitter on the nail.This was three coats, so it is quite sheer, but it can easily be layered over white polish if you prefer that kind of look.

I painted Revlon Orchid on my middle finger and used a matte topcoat. It needed something, so I cut a nail sticker down and added it to my middle finger. I topped that with matte topcoat too, so that the whole nail looked smooth with no shininess. The sticker didn't want to stay on the nail for more than two days. Is that just a feature of matte topcoats, that they kind of pull the polish (or in this case, the stickers) up?

You can see in this picture above that the middle finger seemed lacking without the floral sticker. The remaining nails were painted with three coats of Cult Nails Disciplined. Disciplined has a gorgeous blue and pink shimmer that played nicely off the pinks of Orchid and the Kittens & Teacups.

I love how Kittens & Teacups has the contrast of the opaque black glitter against the pretty pale pink glitter.

This picture accentuates the pink shimmer of Disciplined.

Kittens & Teacups can be purchased for $9 from White Owl Lacquers.
Cult Nails Disciplined is a limited edition polish that can be purchased for $12 from Cult Nails.
Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Orchid is available at drugstores throughout the US for varying prices around $5.

What do you think of the White Owl Lacquers polishes? Did this skittlette manicure work?

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Take care.