Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Polish Days: First True Saran Manicure

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 So much fun!!! I love Polish Days!!! And this is a technique that I have been dying to try out, but hadn't gotten around to yet. Yippee!!! Sorry about the excitement, but did I mention how much I love Polish Days? . . . Yup, I sure did; well it bears repeating. Thanks to Hannah for coordinating the fun! All right, I'm going to try to avoid using exclamation points for the rest of this post, because if one more appears, I don't think that anyone will take me seriously ever again.

The theme for this Polish Days was "Something New." I contemplated doing a true skittles manicure and then I thought about doing caviar nails. I briefly considered doing some kind of splatter or dripping paint manicure, but my first thought, the one that kept creeping into my brain was the cling wrap/Saran manicure.

I love the look of stamping on gradients, so I thought that the marbled look of a Saran manicure would also be a wonderful backdrop for stamping.

To create this manicure, I started off with 2 coats of Zoya Aurora. Oh, she is a gorgeous one; I know that it has been said before by many others and I am a couple of months late to say it, but man is that a pretty polish. It is a gorgeous purple with holographic particles that flash magenta, green, copper, blue, and yellow.

Working with each nail individually, I then painted one coat of Zoya Raven and gently dabbed it with the Saran wrap to pick up a lot of the polish or move it as necessary. I topped all nails with a quick drying topcoat and then it was time to stamp. (Oops, looking at this picture below, I realize that it was also before applying Raven. Sorry, there are more pictures with the full saran mani later.)

This is Pure Ice Silver Mercedes. I know, I have been obsessed with using this polish for stamping lately. It just works so well and the images turn out so crisp. The stamp was BM-316.

So you can see below a comparison with each step in the process of creating this manicure. I think that when I do another Saran manicure (because there definitely will be more) I will use two creme polishes and dab a little less of the top polish off the nails.
2 coat Zoya Aurora

with Zoya Raven dabbed with Saran wrap

with stamping using Pure Ice Silver Mercedes

So, was I the last polish lover on the Internet to try a Saran manicure? Have you worn one before? Did you do something new for Polish Days too? I can't wait to take a look at all the other adventurous manicures this Polish Day. Check out a bunch with me.

Have a great time and happy polishing! (With that publication of that exclamation point, the 10th in this post, you are under no obligations to ever take me seriously again, but I don't mind)