Friday, June 1, 2012

China Glaze Drawn to You

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Hi there. Happy Friday! I own a couple of magnetic nail polishes and I used one for the very first time this past week. China Glaze Drawn to You is a medium purple shimmer polish on first application. The polish applies easily and evenly; I applied two coats. It begins to set up quickly, so the magnet has to be in your hands within a moment after the last sweep of the brush for each individual nail; I had to add a third coat to a couple of nails just because I didn't grab the magnet quickly enough. I think that working the magnet takes some practice too. You can see where my shaky hand messed up the index finger, but I was very pleased with how the pinkie turned out. My fingernails are very curved too, so I had a bit of trouble getting the magnet to affect a large portion of each nail.

Once the magnet has been used, the colors shift between dark purple and a light lilac purple, almost looking 3-dimensional at times. I topped my ring finger with the franken I made. It contrasted almost a little too much for my taste.

Drawn to You began chipping very quickly. By day four, I had significant chipping on index and middle fingers of both hands. I also suffered some nail breaks that messed up this manicure.

I don't know if magnetic nail polish is really my thing. I'll have to give it a little more practice and see more results on my fingers. I still have two bottles of magnetic polish to try out, so we'll see how it goes.

What do you think of magnetic polishes? Is the magnetic polish trend coming to an end? If not, any tips on how to steady my magnet hand? :)
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