Thursday, May 17, 2012

May's Mini Mani: Aili's Violet Dream

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Hey, bloglovin followers, I have something special planned for my current followers in celebration of reaching 50 followers. GFC followers, I know, but if you follow via bloglovin, I don't know who you are. If you would be interested in participating in a little contest I have planned, either comment on this post and tell me you're a bloglovin follower or send me an email, if you'd prefer. Please let me know by Thursday, May 24. Thanks!

Now,onto the manicure. My daughter Aili, loves and I mean absolutely adores the color green. The brightest green you can find and she's smitten. Recently, she has voiced a passion for purple too. I created this polish as a tribute to her. I figured that I'd let her little fingertips show off the polish.

Aili's Violet Dream is wonderful as a one coat topper to liven up another polish or by itself with two coats as you can see here. It has a shimmery sheer blue base with silver holographic glitter, dark purple, and lime green opaque glitter finish it off.

I painted the ring finger with Sinful Colors Irish Green and topped it with two coats of the glitter polish. Unfortunately, my little girl did not sit still for the several minutes necessary to prevent major smudging, but hopefully with some imagination, you can see what the glitter polish would look like on top of a bright green polish.

Give me a little while and I'll try out the polish myself, ideally a little less smudged up.