Wednesday, September 25, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by Fashion

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Here are fashion inspired nails. This manicure worked a lot better in my mind, but was executed poorly. Inspired by a dress from Jason Wu's 2011 Fall/Winter line, I think if painted well, this could have been stunning. Instead, I spent lots of time trying to fix mistakes until it got too late for me to do anything else to fix the manicure. But sometimes that is the way these things go.
Sorry for the blurriness

The dress is gorgeous. It was worn by Reese Witherspoon to the opening of Water for Elephants too and she looked fabulous in it. The creamy colored fabric with the application of black lace is so elegant and ladylike. I tried to mimic the runway look with black dotted tights underneath the dress. I wore two coats of China Glaze Kalahari Kiss with a matte topcoat. I dotted that with Cult Nails Fetish and then tried to tape curves across my finger tip. I painted over the base of my nail with Illamasqua Load, 4 coats, I think. It is a thin, somewhat sheer polish and did not like dealing with the taped off tips. I suffered some polish bleeding under the tape. Attempts to smooth the line separating the tips and bases of my nails were unsuccessful. Finally, I gave up and stamped the nails in small patches with the rose lace stamp from the Pueen Love Elements stamping plate collection.

I definitely feel the fatigue of this challenge setting in, but there is less than a week left, so I will power through and hopefully come up with something inspired tomorrow.

Check out some more successful fashion inspired manicures below.

Take care.