Sunday, September 8, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Metallic

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Happy Sunday all! Today I show you another transformed mani.  

I took yesterday's black and white and dotted the stamping and the rhinestones with Revlon Gold Coin. I then applied a diagonal streak of clear polish, let it dry until tacky, then used gold foil from bornprettystore on the tips. I applied a topcoat to just the tips, leaving the rest of the mani matte. On my pinky, I covered Stay the Night with a-england She Walks in Beauty. It is a gorgeous, dense, gold microglitter  with medium pieces of rose gold glitter mixed in. It is pure loveliness.

I like this, but on the first Sunday of football season, I look like a Saints fan.  I think that I preferred it as the black and white mani. What do you think?

Rainbow is up next and I'm still not sure what it will be. But for now, take a look at the other metallic manicures.