Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nfu Oh 61 and the Perks of Aqua Base

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When I first purchased Nfu Oh 61, I thought, "I don't need an aqua base. It will be fine without it." And for the most part it was fine. I could apply the holographic polish, albeit very carefully to avoid dragging the polish. I had to add three coats for even coverage. I could have gone on like this, but I decided not to.

Aqua base turned the application of Nfu Oh 61 into a walk in the park, super easy. I only needed two coats for even coverage and the polish did not drag the way that it did without the aqua base. Because the coverage was so much more even, I think that the rainbow holographic effect was even more pronounced. My only wish is that the aqua base did not cost exactly the same amount as the polish, but one coat of aqua base saves me a coat of holographic polish and it makes the resulting manicure much nicer, so I will keep using it.
With Aqua Base
No Aqua Base

Another thing that I discovered while wearing this manicure:  We all know that holographic polishes chip very quickly, but I discovered that a quick coat of the polish over the chipped manicure works fine and fixes the damage. There isn't a nasty looking seam like you get when you paint over other chipped polishes and since the polish dries so quickly, it isn't a terrible hassle to paint an extra coat in a few spare minutes.

So, enjoy letting your holographic polishes reach their full potential!

In other holographic polish news, I was able to snag a bottle of FNUG Psychadelic when it was in stock on Harlow & Co. I am impatiently waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep. Do you have a favorite holographic nail polish? A least favorite, maybe?

I hope to give you at least one more post before Christmas, but I have way too much to do, so I may not get to it. I would hate to miss out on wishing you all love and happiness if I don't find time to post. So, Merry Christmas. Peace on Earth and good will toward all humankind!