Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chelsea Lavendairy for the New Year

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Hi lovelies! It is almost New Year's Eve. You want to see what I'll be wearing for my big party. . . By "big party," I mean hanging out with my husband and daughter, cuddled up together. Just because we're not going out doesn't mean I didn't want some New Year's bling.

I LOVE Lime Crime Lavendairy! Purple polish is a passion of mine and this is a gorgeous lilac color. And look at that! That is two amazingly easy coats. It covers perfectly and dries with a gorgeous satin finish. This manicure has a glossy topcoat though.

Like I said, I needed something flashy for the New Year, so let me also introduce Julep Chelsea. Isn't she pretty? I liked this darker pinky-purple glitter over Lavendairy. The purple glitter sometimes shines red, but most of the time it is a pure purple, then there is the silver and baby blue glitter that seems to hang out underneath the purple.

The first three pictures are much truer color, but the last three, under a halogen bulb do a much better job of showing the glitteriness of the polish.

To get a subtle glitter gradient, I painted just my free edge with Chelsea over Lavendairy and then added a second coat of Chelsea, once again beginning at the free edge and then adding a bit more of the polish from about half way up my nail. I topped the manicure with a coat of Gelous and INM OTD. I think I would have done better with two coats of Gelous, but it is still pretty smooth.

What you doing New Year's Eve? And very importantly, what are you wearing (on your nails or otherwise)?

I plan to show you my favorite nail polishes of 2012 tomorrow evening, but before I do, do you have any guesses about what polishes made my list? I'll give you a hint, there are 11 polishes and all of them except for one were featured in at least one blog post this year.

Enjoy the rest of 2012!