Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Enchanted Polish Austin Powers

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under direct indoor light

Hello dearies! A dream came true when I was able to snag a bottle of Enchanted Polish Austin Powers on Black Friday from llarowe. Reality sometimes is a bit disappointing after such a wonderful dream, but this nail polish is never a disappointment. Forgive me, but I couldn't help putting tons of pictures of this polish; I even removed a bunch and couldn't bring myself to remove any more.
These first pictures show two coats of Orly Gorgeous topped with two very thin coats of Austin Powers. Gorgeous is normally a fuchsia polish with a bright blurple shimmer, but when coated in Austin Powers, it becomes a candy pink with very little blue or purple shimmer.

under diffused indoor light

But the real star of this show is Austin Powers. My husband made the very good point that it should be called "Goldfinger" though. In most lights, it looks like a paper thin layer of gold was pounded even thinner, until it was completely sheer and then the gold was draped over the nails. Not only that, but in most lights, the gorgeous linear holographic shift could be perceived.

The gold holographic effect of the polish is so strong that the copper and gold glitter flecks can only be seen upon the closest examination.

While Austin Powers looks stunning over Orly Gorgeous, I think it was even more spectacular over a darker color, a-england Ophelia. Over the blackened purple, the red, gold, green, and blue show, with the green and blue really standing out. Over the pink, the yellows and reds show most prominently. This picture is slightly blurred, but oh, isn't that gold polish luxurious?! Here are a couple more pictures. 

Look at that index finger in the background, like it is covered with a gold mirror.

Austin Powers looks so different depending on the base color that it makes me want to wear it for weeks at a time over a bunch of my favorite colors. I kind of want to put it on my nails right now. Oh, it makes me weak in the knees!

What do you think of Enchanted Polish Austin Powers? What colors do you think it would look nice draped over? What are some polishes that are really versatile in your collection?

I am wearing a manicure that I created for a challenge from Marta at ChitChatNails right now. If you don't already follow her blog, you should. Every time I see she has a new post, it's like Christmas morning . . . seriously. Anyway, I plan to show you the manicure that I created this weekend. Until then, happy polishing.