Friday, December 14, 2012

Cult Nails Flushed Skittlette

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Hello, lovelies. I had such a good time creating this skittlette manicure. The skittlette is a like a cross between a true skittles manicure and a manicure with an accent nail. It can have two or three accent nails.

Marta at ChitChatNails is the queen of skittlette manicures (here is one of my favorites of her many skittlettes). She is hosting a skittlette contest and this was my entry.

I chose to use Cult Nails Flushed as the main polish (3 thin coats), because I figured that it looks very pretty even without any adornment, but I did a little swirly stamp from the Gals Fairy set (GA44) in Pure Ice Silver Mercedes just to tie the purple nails in with the rest of the manicure.

The required closeup, a little sloppy at the edges. Please forgive that.

I painted my middle finger with 3 thin coats of Revlon Timeless and then used a dotting tool to apply Flushed and Sinful Colors Easy Going all over the nail. Unfortunately, the topcoat turned out really bubbly on this nail, not sure why. It applied perfectly to the other nails, a mystery. The ring finger was painted with three coats of Easy Going, which really is a perfect colored pale pink even if application is a little finicky, kind of streaky. It evens out well with the three coats though. I stamped over that with BM-314 using Silver Mercedes.

This outfit wasn't even planned to match my manicure. I wore this the day after painting my nails and realized while I was driving to work that my skirt was the perfect match to Flushed, the blouse matched Easy Going, my pumps are a little bit darker grey than Timeless, but heck, even my amethyst and opal ring coordinated with the manicure. I guess that I really was yearning to wear those colors.

What are you wearing this weekend? Have you done any skittlette manicures?

Have a great weekend!