Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a-England Dragon Swatched

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Hello, lovelies! Since I first saw a-england Dragon, I knew that I had to have it one day. I finally gave on to the temptation and I am so glad I did. A-england polishes apply so smoothly and are so very pretty! Dragon is a gorgeous, murky green with a beautiful holographic finish.

The closeup shows the holographic flash better than the other picture. This picture was taken before I figured out the lighting situation for my light box, so it doesn't quite show how perfect this polish is.

Dragon held pretty well too. These pictures were taken after 5 days with a bit of visible chipping.

I'm trying to come up with the perfect "trim the tree" manicure for Nail Polish Canada's final challenge. I hope to be inspired and show you something pretty and festive very soon.

So polish lovers, what is your favorite a-england polish? Your favorite holographic polish? Thanks for reading.