Friday, February 22, 2013

Pahlish Chemical Swirl

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Happy Friday! Today I'm showing you a manicure that I wore last month. One of my favorite polishes, Cult Nails Disciplined and a couple of previously untried polishes.

You can see three coats of Cult Nails Disciplined on my ring and pinkie fingers. I won't really spend any time discussing that polish, because I have done so before. But let me repeat, I love it and I really liked how the blue shimmer played off the other two polishes.

I wore three coats of Pahlish Chemical Swirl on my middle finger. This polish would have done well with an opaque polish underneath like Julep Renee. Next time. Chemical swirl is a pale purple semi-sheer polish with tons of golden shimmer. Like my other Pahlish nail polish, it is packed with glitter (not quite as much as Toxic and Timeless). It has gold bar glitter, opaque square glitters in yellow and green. There are hex glitters and round glitters in blue, turquoise, orange, gold, and pink-red. The glitter in this spread pretty easily with no need to dab to cover missed patches.

I wore China Glaze Exotic Encounters on my index finger. It is a gorgeous turquoise shade, but oh my, did it stain my fingernails! I stamped over Exotic Encounters with Julep Renee using GA 34, the stamp that looks like molecules. I thought that stamp was a great fit with Chemical Swirl.

I liked this manicure, but it wasn't as cohesive as thought it would be, so I only wore it for about 2 days. I do love each of these polishes individually, so I'll have to showcase each one better soon. I guess that I'll have to wear extra coats of basecoat under Exotic Encounters though.

What do you think of this manicure? Do you have any tips for wearing nail polishes that tend to stain?

So, as always, I joined this week's Nail Files. Check out the manicures and polish love.

Have a great weekend.