Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Manicure with Cult Nails Enigmatic

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Good evening. Today I share with you a lovely polish that I couldn't resist from Cult Nails. This is Cult Nails Enigmatic. I love it!

Enigmatic applies very sheer for the first coat, but builds to full opacity in three easy, even coats. It has a sheer brown base and tons of eggplant shimmer that leaves the resulting polish looking like layer upon layer of purple.

On my ring finger, you can see 2 coats of Color Club Put a Pin in It. It was almost opaque in one coat. The formula on this polish is a little thick, but very easy to apply. It is rose gold with a foil finish. It is actually a bit more pink than gold, making it quite lovely and unique.

I painted a heart onto the ring finger in Enigmatic and sloppily edged it with Zoya Logan, using a dotting tool. I wanted it to look a little like torn construction paper Valentine. Back when my husband and I were dating, he made a mix CD for me and made a cover for it using our two favorite colors, purple for me and green for him. I figured that would be a good color choice for a Valentine's Day manicure because of that.

And you can see that I added some pearls from bornprettystore to my pinkie. It was the first time that I've used them, so please forgive the mess that I made with the glue.

And as always, the required closeup. I am thankful to Heather Dawn from JustLove.ly Things for inspiring this edged heart manicure.

I couldn't help myself. After a couple of days wearing the manicure, I topped my index and middle fingers with Enchanted Polish Austin Powers. It really shines over a dark polish. Look at those rainbows!! I want to wear it all the time! Check out my giveaway for a chance to get a bottle of Austin Powers yourself.

What do you think of these polishes? Any that you want to pick up? Any tips for me on how to apply pearls without making a gluey mess? :)

Cult Nails Enigmatic is available as a Last Chance Deal from cultnails.com for $7.
Color Club Put a Pin in It is available exclusively from birchbox.com for $8.
Zoya Logan is available from zoya.com for $8.
Nail Art Colorful Half Pearls Decoration Set for Nails is available from bornprettystore.com for $3.55
Enchanted Polish Austin Powers is sold out, but when in stock, it can be purchased from enchantedpolish.com for $13.

I hope to get another Love Manicure up tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. Until next time, take care.