Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Glitter Daze Birthday Cupcake with Stamping

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Hi everyone! I wanted to show you a really fun polish from Glitter Daze, but only have a few moments for the post. So, here it is.

Forgive the sloppiness of the polish without stamping. I cleaned them up after doing the stamping. This is Glitter Daze Birthday Cupcake. It is a sheer white polish with a bunch of fine, iridescent glitter. There are medium hex pink glitter and shards of purple holographic glitter in abundance. There is also a smattering of silver, holographic stars.

I think the polish looks very youthful like this, but I've seen other swatches over an opaque polish and it looks quite nice like that and a little more grown up. I was wearing 2 medium coats in these pictures.

I was going to the birthday party of one of my closest friends and decided to wear this as a fun, party manicure. I added the cupcake stamp from BM-307 using Sinful Colors Folly and Revlon Amethyst. It made the manicure look sugary sweet, just what I wanted.

I love those purple shard glitters. If you enjoy Birthday Cupcake, pick it up soon; it is a limited edition polish and will only be sold until March 7!

Do you own any Glitter Daze polishes? If you don't, check it out. There are some really amazing polishes, great glitters and beautiful holographics that are great for layering. I have a couple more to show you soon that are spectacular.

Birthday Cupcake is available for $11 for a 14 ml bottle or $6 for a 7 ml bottle at Glitter Daze.

Have a great day.