Friday, November 23, 2012

Winter is upon us: Zoya Raven nail art

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Hello lovelies! I have another nail art challenge today. I wanted to try out this technique for quite some time. It is SUPER easy and I think it looks nice. To me, it looks like a snowy night in the mountains.

So, here's what I did. I painted my nails with 2 thin coats of Zoya Raven. It is a pure black with a slight shimmer and a wonderful, smooth formula. I then used the thin nail art brush to quickly swipe Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl in sloppy stripes from just above the base of my nail to the tip. I then did the same thing with Zoya Purity, but began the stripes from about half way up my nail to the tip. The next layer was a franken that I made, kind of a shimmery China Glaze For Audrey from about 3/4up my nail to the tip. And finally, I used China Glaze Man Hunt at the very top of my nails. I lightly striped the entire white and blue section with Pure Ice Beware and then painted over the very tip with Wet n Wild Fergie New Year's Kiss.

This close-up gives you a better ideaof exactly what I did.

None of my pictures show off the amazing bar glitters on the nail, but they are visible. But look at this picture above and all the colors in the bottle. I get flashes of it on my nails and it is so much fun!

You all know how I love good nail art contest, so this is my entry in Nail Polish Canada's snow challenge. If you like this manicure, you can vote for it under "other" and if not, you should still go check out all the other amazing manicures. . . Really, that is the reason that I join most nail art contests, just to be in the company of other wonderful nail art.

So, what would you do for the snow nail art challenge?

Have a great weekend!