Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a-England Ophelia for my aunt

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I know that November is nearly over, but if you didn't know, it is pancreatic cancer awareness month. Pancreatic cancer affects over 40,000 people a year and unfortunately at this time, there is less than a 10% five year survival rate. It is wonderful that so many strides are being made in the fights against other cancers. Now is the time to be even stronger in our fight against pancreatic cancer. Check out the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network for more.

In 2006, my aunt, one of the most vibrant, unique people I have ever known was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She fought the cancer for only a few short months before it took her life.

Auntie loved Star Trek: The Next Generation, so much so that she went to at least one convention. She also dressed up as a member of Star Fleet for Halloween one year. I have a picture of Auntie that she clipped of herself, gluing herself into a photograph of the Next Generation cast. I love the picture; it is so goofy and playful. Every time I look at it, I think of her and smile. Auntie also loved the Caribbean: she painted a coral reef all over her bedroom walls, including dolphins, her favorite animal.

For this manicure, I included a dolphin stamp that I am sure my aunt would love (BM-320). I used 2 coats of a-england Ophelia as the base color. I stamped the tips with stripes of Revlon Minted, then covered the base of my nails with round sticky labels. I stamped the base of my nails with a sponge-like stamp (BM-301) in Julep Renee and removed the labels.

It was really difficult to capture the purple shimmer in Ophelia. In most lights, the polish looks close to black, but it is lovely with the sporadic flashes of purple.

This style of manicure was inspired by Christina Alexia's sponged manicure.

Thanks for reading, looking at my manicure, and taking a few moments to get to know a little bit about my Auntie Brenda.

Take care.