Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pink Pseudo-marble Birthday Nails

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Hi friends. Just like my last post, this is an older mani. This was my birthday manicure. I absolutely love the look of water marbles, but have failed miserably in every attempt. I asked a water marble pro for her input on my problems, but she never got back to me with any suggestions. So, before I tell you about my birthday manicure, may I ask for your help? Every time that I try a water marble, my first drop of polish spreads well,but all of my subsequent drops refuse to spread and just pile up in the center of the cup. I have used every possible temperature of water, tap water, filtered water, and spring water; I have also experimented with many different polishes. The results are the same each time:  I spend over three hours trying to get just one fingernail to even the tiniest bit like a water marble and then give up, with the room reeking of nail polish and on the verge of tears. Does anyone have some advice or know why my bullseye never spreads? Thank you for you help if you can give it and your sympathy, if you don't know what I am doing wrong.

On to more successful polishing. These pictures were both taken after six days, so pretty good wear time on this manicure. Like I said before, I love the look of water marbles and have no success in creating them, so I bought a nail stamping plate with a faux water marble stamp. For this manicure, I wore three coats of China Glaze Summer Rain stamped with a marbled image in Nina Ultra Pro Hawaiian Flower (which is a spectacular stamping nail polish; I made a list of my best stamping polishes and it rated near the very top). I really loved this girly manicure and the fact that it actually looked like I had a water marbling success to some degree.

What are your favorite polishes for stamping or nail art in general? What are the best polishes for water marbles, in your opinion?

Take care, ladies.