Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winnie the Pooh birthday nails

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This is a manicure from about a little more than two months ago. I wanted to give my daughter a gift of one of her favorite characters on my nails for her 5th birthday. She hasn't enjoyed getting her own nails painted lately, because she wants to play all the time and not sit for the 10 minutes needed for a manicure. So, these are my nails, painted for her. I hadn't cleaned up my cuticles yet when I took the pictures, so sorry about the mess. Isn't Pooh adorable?! He is stamped on my nails using Wet n Wild Black. I also love this yellow polish: Sinful Colors Lets Meet. It is the boldest yellow that I actually like and the glass fleck shimmer is lovely. It didn't yellow my nails the way that Sinful Colors Unicorn did. I was wary of all yellow polish for a while after Unicorn made my nails look a chain smoker's stained nails. Yuck! . . . But, like I said, Lets Meet is a beauty. Here it is unadorned by Pooh.

The Winnie the Pooh stamping plates are available from Light in the Box for $1.99. Shipping does take a while, but the stamping plates that I have used work well.

Are there any colors of polish that you just hate wearing? Have you ever found a shade that, to your surprise, you loved?

Have a great day.