Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Maleficent inspired manicure

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Hello. I am back after the 31Day Challenge slump. This manicure turned out a lot more Halloween than I expected, but I guess that makes sense since it was inspired by a Disney villain.

I have never been a fan of Disney's Sleeping Beauty. The heroes of the movie just made me think of the mean kids in high school. Imagine any of the party scenes in teen movies like "Pretty in Pink" or "10 Things I Hate about You"  or . . . Well you get the picture. Now replace all the party-goers with the entire kingdom who was invited to Aurora's christening and Malecifent playing the role of the outcast who shows up at the party. The truly mean party-goer says, "Don't you know, no one wants you here?" It is only natural to lash out. OK, she shouldn't have taken her anger out on someone who was innocent in the matter, but the pain of rejection can cause a person to not think straight sometimes.

Enough of that. Let me tell you about the manicure. I began by painting thumbs, pointer, and pinky fingers with China Glaze Celtic Sun. I used Saran wrap to apply CG I'm with the Lifeguard to those nails. And stamped them with Cult Nails Fetish using GA30 and GA46. I seriously need to get a backup bottle of Fetish! It stamps perfectly every time and looks great on its own.

I painted middle and ring fingers with a-england Avalon and added CG Love's a Beach with Saran wrap. I really like how the marbling turned out on my ring finger, the purple looks like veining through the pink. I stamped those fingers with Fetish too using BM-318. Finally, I added a yellow rhinestone to ring fingers like the jewel in Maleficent's staff.

Anyone else doing the October challenges of Disney villains from The Dark Side of Beauty? What do you think of my interpretation of this week's theme? It leaves me wanting a more subtle manicure on my nails next.

Take care.