Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Honor Nails you Love

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As soon as I saw this fabulous animal art manicure from More Nail Polish, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my "Honor Nails you Love" Manicure.

My manicure is not animal print, but I saved pieces of polish that I wore during the challenge (I used a peel off basecoat almost everyday). On my nails, you can see little snips of about 11 days worth of challenges.

I do not have a craft punch, so I had to use my husband's three hole punch to get these little swatches of polish and that was not fun at all.

I like these nails, mostly because they honor one of my favorite manicures of the 31 Day Challenge, but also because they allowed me to remember some of my favorite manicures of the challenge and highlight them again. While the More Nail Polish manicure looks very pulled together and elegant, mine has an 80's collage feel.

I am really glad to be done with this challenge. It is not something that I suspect I'll long to do again. If I mention it, remind me of this, please. Now I will wear nail polish with a good quality basecoat and good topcoat for a little while, no changes.

Take care, until we meet again . . . and that will not be tomorrow.