Thursday, October 17, 2013

Demona inspired manicure

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Greetings! Once again, I want to share with you a Disney villain manicure from the Dark Side of Beauty's challenge. My husband loves the show Gargoyles and I watched a couple of episodes with him quite some time ago. Demona, like many villains, began her path to villainy through fear.  She felt hurt by the prejudice of humans against her people and she wanted to protect her people.

This is my second attempt at the Demona manicure. I wasn't thrilled with the first manicure and am much happier with this.

I began by using gold nail stickers from bornprettystore on all fingers. The stickers do not apply very smoothly, but since I wanted a rocky, craggy finish, I didn't think that was a problem.

I then painted all nails with two coats Cult Nails Faded in a Ruffian style. I then painted over Faded with China Glaze Stone Cold and quickly dabbed it with Saran wrap. Stone Cold does dry very quickly, so I had to dab fast. I dotted with China Glaze Ruby Pumps and added a red rhinestone to each nail.

Pictured above is my first attempt at a Demona manicure. While my second attempt turned out better, I am happy about the volcanic rock effect I got with both of these manicures.

What do you think? Did I pull off a rock-like finish? Which mani do you prefer?

Have a great weekend!