Friday, March 22, 2013

Cult Nails Fetish with FNUG Psychedelic

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Happy start of the weekend! Here I am again, showing you a very late manicure. I wore this about 3 weeks ago or more. It seemed very different from my usual manicures, but I really enjoyed it anyway.

halogen light

First, let me show you some comparisons. What you see in the picture above and the one below is a comparison of FNUG Psychedelic, on my pinkie and Nfu Oh 61 on my ring finger. The holographic particles in Psychedelic are a bit more fine, but both gave a very pretty linear holographic effect. Psychedelics rainbow might have been a tiny bit more vivid in real life than 61's.

This is two coats of the polishes over Nfu Oh aqua base. I like both, but I think that for the most part, I will stick with Nfu Oh 61. The bottle is much larger, so I don't feel like I have to be stingy with it.

On to the full manicure. I painted thumbs, index and ring fingers with Nfu Oh 61. As I mentioned, pinkies had Psychedelic. I never use topcoat over holographic polishes like these two, so I figured this would be the perfect time to play around with a new polish, Cult Nails Fetish. It is called a "wax finish" and topcoat is not recommended if you want to maintain that waxy finish to the polish. It was also a great time to try out my striping tape since these holographic polishes dry incredibly fast.

Fetish is an edgy looking polish, with the matte finish. I compared its finish with a matte topcoat over black polish and didn't see much if any difference between the two. The application of Fetish was very smooth and easy though and it did cut out the step of adding a matte topcoat.

I zigzagged the striping tape on thumbs, index, and ring fingers, then painted two coats of Fetish. I almost would have been okay with one coat, but I wanted to make sure the polish was completely even. I painted two coats of Fetish on my middle fingers and placed these square metal studs from bornprettystore, using superglue as adhesive.

The studs did not stick for very long. They lasted about a day before I snagged one and it popped off. However, they are very easy to re-glue if you don't misplaced the stud and even if you do, the package has quite a few studs. I just replaced the studs that popped off over a couple of days.

The wear on this was better than I expected from matte and holographic polishes. I got about five days before I was itching for a change. Keep in mind, the only fully holographic nails were my pinkies and they very seldom suffer from wear and chipping anyway.

What do you think of this combo? Did the blending of metal, holographic polish, and matte polish work or did it leave parts of the manicure looking flat? Do you ever wear manicures that are outside of your usual style and what have you thought of them?

This is the bag of silver studs with only 4 removed. I can do a lot more manicures with all these studs!

An 8.5 ml bottle FNUG Psychedelic is available from Llarowe for $14.50.
A 17.5 ml bottle of Nfu Oh 61 is available from for $12.50.
A 0.5 oz bottle of Cult Nails Fetish can be purchased from for $12.00.
A bag of 4mm silver square studs can be purchased from bornprettystore for $5.84 and striping tape is available for .$1.90.
Have a great weekend!