Friday, March 15, 2013

Vintage Polish Days

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 How old must a polish be to be considered "vintage?" This is Revlon Khaki Zing. I think that I have owned this polish for about 10 years, maybe more!

All the writing has rubbed off the bottle. I love it so much. It is exactly what a duochrome polish should be. Most of the time, it looks like a very tame, shimmery greyed purple, but turn your fingers to just the right angle and Surprise! There it is, an unexpected olive green. Once in a while you even get flashes of the teal base. It is simply amazing and I may actually cry when I have used the last of this polish. All right, I probably won't cry, but I will miss it terribly.

ugh, ignore the old looking fingers and notice the green polish instead

What is your oldest, most treasured polish? Did any of you pick up any of the "zing" polishes back in the day?

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