Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Wee Free Men Inspired

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I read The Wee Free Men, by Terry Pratchett to my daughter for the reading challenge, "A book with magic." It was a fun book to read and was the first book by Terry Pratchett I've ever read.

My husband read this book to our 8 year old daughter earlier this year, then she carried it in her backpack, reading it herself, then she insisted I read it to her, so she experienced this books three times in about 9 months. I can understand why she loves it so much. There is humor (including swords that glow in the presence of lawyers, not orcs), some suspense, a lot of adventure, and an incredibly likable heroine. Tiffany Aching is not a perfect girl, very resentful of her little brother, but she has such a strength and courage about her. As you read, you see her become more secure in her own person and it is beautiful.

Just a hint into the kind of girl is in this book:

“Zoology, eh? That's a big word, isn't it."

"No, actually it isn't," said Tiffany. "Patronizing is a big word. Zoology is really quite short.” 

It makes me giggle.

Before I tell you about the manicure, you may notice that my hands are very paint covered. Once again, I forgot to take an early picture, so I started painting the interior my daughter's dollhouse and was covered in paint afterwards. There is a little on the nails too. Oops.

About the manicure: 3 coats China Glaze That's Shore Bright (I know, I've been obsessed with that polish lately, beautiful, but chips pretty easily and has finicky application), stamped m-79 to make the sheep and dotted with a-england Lancelot, stamped with BP-33 and Pueen 96.