Saturday, August 25, 2012

Daisies: my first acrylic nail art

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Let me just say, I always admire those beautiful manicures with acrylic paints, but my admiration has grown tenfold after attempting my own acrylic painted manicure. There are some incredibly talented women out there!

I went simple for my nail art manicure. Simple little daisies on a silver background. I started with two coats of Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and an accent finger that was topped with one coat of Pure Ice Beware. Silver Mercedes is a great, smooth, opaque polish that I can't wait to use for stamping and Beware is a silver micro glitter that is perfect for layering over other polishes.

I used craft acrylic paints that I bought at Hobby Lobby to create the daisies. The really nice thing about using acrylic paints for nail art is that when I made a mistake, I could just swab it off with rubbing alcohol and it didn't damage the polish underneath.

All right, readers, I am sorry that I have been so absent over the past couple of weeks. I have a bunch of manicures that I want to show you over the next couple of weeks and I eventually want to tell you a little bit about my experiment comparing coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil on eyelashes, but I have to keep myself in front of the computer and just type up my thoughts. That takes me a while to do, but I haven't forgotten about it.

Have a great weekend.