Friday, October 23, 2015

Awesome Sauce Indie Box Halloween Nails

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I know, I only post book inspired manicures these days, but I loved this quarter's Awesome Sauce Indie Box so much that I wanted to share. I am shocked that there are still boxes available for sale. See the link for purchase below.

About the manicure:  Here are 3 coats of Supernatural Lacquer Pumpkin Head, stamped using MoYou London Gothic 01. I've wanted to do a Halloween manicure of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" for years and since the movie's maker has officially said, earlier this month, that it is a Halloween movie, not a Christmas movie, I figured that this year was the year to do the manicure. Although, to be honest, I will always see it as a Christmas movie set in Halloween Town.

A little bit about the Awesome Sauce Indie Box:  All the the polishes in this collection are absolutely lovely. The sugar scrub leaves my hands so soft and smells like delicious snickerdoodle cookies and the bath and mani dust is a sparkly powder with a rich scent of cinnamon spiced patchouli. So, check out the Awesome Sauce Indie Box and pick up five great nail polishes and some luxury for your hands. The full size box is available for $50 and the mini is $30.

Add some more fun to your Halloween celebrations:  Since Halloween is almost here, keep in mind that kids love Halloween, even the kids who can't eat the candy in your bowl due to allergies. Try to keep a few non-food treats on hand for them this year. We keep a few temporary tattoos, pencils, and plastic rings to pull out every year to help make sure every kid can have a treat. Join the Teal Pumpkin Project to make Halloween safe and fun for everyone. You can learn more and print out your own sign like the one above from this site.