Thursday, December 26, 2013

Born Pretty Store nail stickers and water decals

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So, the holiday season completely ran away on me. I only had the opportunity to wear three holiday nail designs and had trouble finding Christmasy inspiration for my nails. In come the 14 piece Luminous Glow in Dark Nail Art Stickers Delicate Christmas Ornaments Snowflakes Pattern from bornprettystore to the rescue! The nail stickers are adorable, with leaping reindeer and the sleigh loaded up with gifts is precious.

On the whole, I liked these nail stickers. They were super sticky, so I wasn't worried that they would peel off in a day, but when it came time for removal, I soaked my fingers in little warm water, gently peeled them off, and used some polish remover to get rid of stickiness. They were also very forgiving and had a lot of stretch, so that they formed nicely to the nails. I loved the bit of sparkliness, like fresh snow that covers the stickers and they really do glow in the dark, but I have trouble catching that in photos.

My one minor problem with the nail stickers was the size. You can see in the top photo that they are curved to fit so that the sleigh or reindeer will be closer to your nail's free edge than the cuticle. My nails are a little shorter than usual right now, so I had to trim from the cuticle edge instead of the tip edge so that the full images would fit on my nails. In the future, when wearing this style of nail sticker, I will cut the sticker to size on the backing paper and then apply it to my nails.

Now, I know, you're saying, "Christmas is over!" But, these nail stickers can just wait with your nail supplies for those holiday moments when you need a little inspiration or don't have a lot of time for a holiday manicure. They can be purchased for $2.99 from bornprettystore.

I also wanted to show you these water decals from bornprettystore. Let me apologize for my dry, pruny looking fingers. This picture was taken on one of the coldest mornings, about 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrr! But, ignoring, the frozen fingers, on the nails you can see Classical Blue And White Porcelain Pattern Nail Art Water Decals and I adore them. I am a sucker for water decals and these ones are just beautiful!

The water decals remove from their paper backing very easily after about  one minute soak in tap water. They gently slide off the backing. The images on the water decals are very delicate, but the decals themselves can handle a lot of abuse during application. I was so happy with the quality of these decals too. I have used water decals in the past that streak when a topcoat is applied, but these little flowers held their color perfectly. There is a gorgeous gold detailing on many of these flowers too. When you no longer want to wear the water decals, they remove just like nail polish with remover.

Bornprettystore carries these water decals for $2.86 a sheet and have 12 different sheet patterns from which to choose. I want them all!

Take care all and have a happy New Year!

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